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Rachelle has over 20 years of experience as both a strategic management and business consultant and a senior lawyer specialising in commercial and construction law, major projects, infrastructure and procurement.

Rachelle is a problem-solver, and she provides high-level commercial and legal advice and analysis, as well as commercial and legally-sound risk mitigation strategies and sustainable business solutions and recommendations to the board, management and employees of her clients. Her solutions and recommendations take into account her clients’ business, financial and operational needs, procurement requirements, and their risk mitigation, governance and compliance requirements.

Rachelle advises on a wide range of business and commercial issues, from company structuring through the operation of the business to the winding up of the company.

As the Owner and Managing Director of Blaze Business & Legal, as well as its Principal Legal Practitioner, Rachelle specialises in advising and supporting companies that have not yet reached their growth potential, so they can excel in their industry and sustainably work towards self-sufficiency and success. She also advises many Government agencies and Councils, as well as Large Business.

She is an expert in all types of procurement over the whole procurement lifestyle and has been advising on procurements for the last 20 years. During her career, Rachelle has worked within and advised hundreds of businesses on a wide range of business and commercial matters. She is highly skilled in carrying out risk reviews and analysing compliance with a company’s policies and relevant laws, as well as advising on governance issues, drafting business plans and business cases, drafting and revising internal policies and procedures, and providing training, mentoring and coaching for her clients.

She has drafted, revised and negotiated hundreds of contracts and has advised extensively in relation to procurement, contract management and dispute resolution.

Rachelle brings a depth of knowledge of various industries that allows her to effectively contribute to the overall strategic direction and performance of her clients. She is an expert in providing strategic advice on building client relationships and business development, as well as drafting marketing plans, marketing materials and grant applications.

She is also an experienced Board Member and often acts as General Counsel within her clients to help them establish and build up their legal division.

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