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  • Are you an Owner or Executive struggling with business challenges? We help you fix them and carry out your BAU projects
  • Need to stabilise or restructure? We help you implement solutions and achieve outcomes so your business is sustainable long-term
  • Want to grow or scale? We help you position your business for success

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The Top All-In-One Business Management Consultant & Law Firm in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Australia-wide

At Blaze Business & Legal, we blend expert strategic business management consulting with commercial legal services, financial management services, business advisory services and commercial advice to offer unique support for Business Owners and Executives across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, South-East Queensland and Australia. 

Our core industry focuses are the Construction Industry and Civil Construction Industry, and we specialise in advising businesses in Brisbane, Queensland and Australia with annual turnover of between

$10 million and $100 million

Our Services at Blaze Business & Legal

Business Advisory | Management Consulting | Management Accounting | Legal Services | Construction Law | Commercial LawContracting | Business Finance | Commercial Advice | Financial Management | Operational Insights | Risk Management | HR Advice | Procurement Advice | Compliance Advice 

We're here to help you with your Business Challenges

What are the Business Challenges you're struggling with?

Does your business have:

  • Cash flow challenges and financial instability
  • Difficulty attracting and retaining clients/customers
  • Confusion about leadership direction and goals
  • Inefficient processes and operational bottlenecks
  • Inability to adapt to market trends and customer demands
  • Employee management and motivation issues

How do these Challenges affect your Business?

Are you and your leadership and management:

  • Struggling with cash flow challenges and financial instability
  • Finding it difficult to attract and retain clients/customers
  • Experiencing confusion about leadership direction and goals
  • Dealing with inefficient processes and operational bottlenecks
  • Unable to adapt to market trends and customer demands
  • Facing employee management and motivation issues

Blaze Business & Legal: Brisbane’s Premier Law Firm and Business Management Consultant

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Leading Commercial Law and Business Advisory Services in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Across Australia

Whether you're facing complex legal challenges or seeking to enhance your business strategy, our team is equipped to drive your success. 

Whether you're in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or anywhere in Australia, our approach combines in-depth legal expertise and financial management expertise with comprehensive business strategy to support your company's growth and success.

Do you need a Business Consultant who rolls up their sleeves and helps you IMPLEMENT their recommended solutions?

Do you need a Management Accountant or CFO to help you get your business finances sorted and better position you for future growth?

Do you need a skilled Construction Lawyer, Contract Lawyer or Commercial Lawyer to advise on your Project or Business Challenge? Or an on-call General Counsel to give you ongoing legal advice?

Empowering Your Business and Legal Success
Blaze Business & Legal | Brisbane and Australia-Wide

Navigate the complexities of business and law with Brisbane's top experts. At Blaze Business & Legal, we deliver strategic business management consulting and comprehensive legal solutions tailored to propel your success, locally and nationally.

1. Expert Legal Services Tailored for Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Businesses

Navigating legal landscapes can be complex. Our skilled lawyers specialise in commercial law, construction law, contracting and corporate governance, ensuring your business succeeds in its projects and service delivery and stays on the right side of the law. From contract drafting to contract review to legal advice and compliance, trust Blaze Business & Legal to protect your interests.

2. Comprehensive Business Management Consulting in Brisbane, Qld and Australia

Transform your operations with our consultants who deliver actionable insights and strategies tailored to your business needs. We focus on improving efficiency, driving growth, and enhancing financial performance. Let us help you navigate your business challenges, from risk management to strategic planning.

We combine business, legal, financial, commercial, sales, procurement, compliance, risk and HR advice in your Industry

3. Expert Advice For All Business Types

We advise SMEs (including Startups and Not-For-Profits), Small Businesses, Medium Businesses, and Large Businesses. If you have yearly revenue between $10 million and $100 million, we're exactly the right people to help you structure, stabilise and scale your business.

4. Industries We Focus On


Construction | Civil | Infrastructure | Mining | Manufacturing | Transport | Distribution | Energy & Renewables | Health | Agriculture | Training/RTOs |

Expert Legal Guidance Meets Strategic Business Insights

  • Commercial Law Firm Brisbane: Navigate complex legal landscapes with our seasoned legal professionals who specialise in commercial law, construction law and contract law.
  • Business Advisory Services Australia: Transform your business with our tailored strategies in financial management, risk management, and operational efficiency.
  • Business Management Consulting Australia: Leverage our extensive experience to enhance your business operations, drive efficiency, and foster sustainable growth.

Local Expertise, National Reach

Based in Brisbane (Rachelle Hare) and the Sunshine Coast (Shannon Drew), we understand the local business environment better than most. However, our expertise and services extend Australia-wide, ensuring we can support your growth and expansion wherever your business takes you.

Whether you're based in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, or elsewhere, we're only a video conference or a quick plane flight away.

The best Business Advisers for your Business in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast!

We work with you. To help your business work for you. We are skilled Business Advisers and both Rachelle Hare and Shannon Drew have advised thousands of businesses in Australia over our careers. 

Why Choose Blaze Business & Legal?

At Blaze Business & Legal, we combine Business Advisory with Legal Services (in Construction Law, Commercial Law and Contracts Law) and Management Consulting to provide you with broad advice that works for your business and in your Industry...with no gaps!

But we don't just advise and make recommendations.

We then work with you to implement our recommendations and get actual outcomes and results for your business.

  • Local and National Knowledge: Our deep local knowledge in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast (South-East Queensland as a whole, really), coupled with our broad reach across Australia and our willingness to travel in an age of teleconferences, sets us apart. Our understanding of both local Brisbane and Sunshine Coast markets and industries and broader Australian business dynamics ensures tailored, effective solutions to your next project, your current business challenge, or to restructuring, growing or scaling your business for sustainability and success.
  • Integrated Solutions: We offer a seamless integration of legal and business advisory services, making us a one-stop-shop for all your business needs.
  • Commitment to Excellence: We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality advice and practical outcomes for all our clients, from local SMEs to major national corporations.

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Let our expert advice and integrated insights put you on the road to success for your business in Brisbane and beyond.

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Rachelle Hare and Shannon Drew, Blaze Business & Legal

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Maximise Your ROI with Strategic Business Decisions Backed by our Legal, Financial and Operational Expertise

What our Clients think about Blaze Business & Legal

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Rachelle took the time to understand and take us through thought process which enabled us to develop solutions

Tanya M - Director of a large government business enterprise

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Within the first 3 minutes, it was obvious how deeply both Shannon and Rachelle understood my business and industry. They know so much about business, about the legal side, about business finances, construction contracts and how businesses operate, I got the feeling they knew before I even opened my mouth the type of problems I was having.

Robert f - owner of a mid-sized civil construction company in brisbane and the sunshine coast

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Rachelle and Shannon have 40 years of combined experience, and it shows in every dealing we have with them. They worked closely together to make sure their knowledge and expertise was passed on to our staff, while they rolled up their sleeves and helped us restructure our RTO business. The results are already showing for us.

Megan - general Manager of a successful queensland-based rto

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I absolutely know that I made the right decision coming to you at Blaze Business and Legal, my go-to from now on for sure! You are absolutely brilliant at what you do, and your incredible experience and confidence was clear to see.

Renee - Owner SME Coaching Business

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Your genuine support and professionalism you exhibited throughout allowed me to find a calmness and confidence to see it through

Michelle M, Owner, SME Product Supplier

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Image of a building site, representing receive business and legal advice tailored to the Building Industry

Partner with a Business and Legal Adviser who is committed to your Business Success

Find out how to Leverage Business Advice for Growth and Success

Ever wondered how to leverage Business Advice from an expert Business Adviser? Our 10-point Roadmap contains a tonne of information and useful tips for you.


Rachelle Hare
Managing Director and Principal Practitioner
Blaze Business & Legal

Rachelle Hare is an expert Construction Lawyer and Contract Lawyer in Queensland, Australia, with over 23 years of experience in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Construction Firms, Top Tier Private Practice and Government. She is known for her integrated practice as a Senior Legal Adviser, Strategic Business Adviser, and Management Consultant - she combines aspects of each to give her clients holistic advice to help them unlock their business potential and achieve sustained growth.

Rachelle is also the Owner and Director of Blaze Professional Learning, our sister site that teaches Non-Lawyers and Contracts Professionals how to work better with Contracts (and other Professional Skills and Professional Skills Development).

  • Construction Lawyer Brisbane
  • Contracts Lawyer Brisbane
  • Strategic Commercial Adviser
  • Business Adviser Brisbane
  • Management Consultant Brisbane
  • Construction Contracting Lawyer
  • Construction Law
  • Building and Construction Law

Shannon Drew
Senior Commercial Adviser, Strategic Analyst and Management Accountant
Blaze Business & Legal

Shannon Drew is an expert Senior Business Adviser, Commercial Analyst and Costs Accountant, with over 20 years of experience in Large Business and SMEs. He is known for his integrated practice providing Strategic Commercial Advice and practical Financial Strategies for businesses of all sizes. Shannon combines his different skillsets to give his clients holistic advice to help them unlock their business potential and achieve sustained growth.

Shannon is also a Director of CSM Business Services.

  • Business Adviser Brisbane
  • Management Consultant Brisbane
  • Management Accountant Brisbane
  • Strategic Commercial Adviser
  • Costs Accountant

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