About Shannon Drew

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About Shannon Drew 2

Shannon is a strategic Management Accountant, Costs Accountant and Business Consultant who spent the last 14 years running his own business consultancy before joining Blaze Business & Legal.

In total, he has over 20 years of experience working in commercial firms and providing advisory services to businesses in Australia and overseas. He provides user-friendly advice and targeted recommendations to boards, management and employees of his clients on all aspects of their business, including start-up, operations, and winding up. Shannon considers it particularly important that the strategic direction of a business (as detailed in the Business Plan) is aligned with the employment contracts, KPIs and position descriptions, which are then aligned with employee training and targets as well as financial reporting – he often provides recommendations in this respect.

Shannon specialises in working with and supporting companies that are in financial difficulty, so they can re-finance and re-structure as necessary and sustainably work towards self-sufficiency and success. He often spends years working with clients in financial difficulty, ensuring that they can closely follow his Recovery Plan to get them out of trouble. Shannon uses his deep industry knowledge to assist his clients recover, and he often works with financiers to restructure debt facilities to remove financial pressure on the business.

With a Commerce degree majoring in Accounting, and 20 years of experience in financial management of a business, Shannon is skilled in assisting his clients to properly set up their financial management systems. He provides training to clients and their employees on all aspects of their operations, including proper financial management processes and monthly reporting.

Shannon has a no-nonsense attitude and a direct approach, and he is valued by his clients for the longterm support he provides to their businesses and the intimate operational knowledge he develops. He often acts as a Remote CFO for his clients.

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