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Here's why we're the best Construction Lawyers for your business ... 

  1. Combined Business and Legal Advice: Get combined business advice and legal advice from one of the few firms who is able to make sure the advice actually suits your business, without any gaps. 
  2. Direct Access: Get direct access to our Principal Lawyer, Rachelle Hare, ensuring your needs are understood and prioritised and you have our most skilled and experienced Building and Construction Lawyer on your team.
  3. Proven Expertise: Rely on our specialised experience in the construction industry, and benefit from legal strategies aligned with your business goals.
  4. Cost Certainty: Have financial peace of mind with our transparent fixed-fee options and open up-front discussions around fees and your budget.
  5. Prompt Service: Expect quick and efficient responses tailored to your schedule and urgency.
  6. Risk-Free Exploration: Start with a free initial consultation to explore your legal options without any commitment.
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Kiera M.

Medium Construction Company, Brisbane

Rachelle Hare has now advised us on 3 different construction contracts, including a design and construct contract, AS4000 and Minor Works. She drafted the contracts, turned them into templates for our business, then gave further advice on individual projects, helped negotiate the terms with subcontractors and helped us get the contracts signed. She also drafted workflows so our staff understand what they need to do at different stages of the process. Highly recommend Blaze Business & Legal and Rachelle Hare as your Construction Lawyer wherever you are based in Australia. 

Expert Construction Lawyers 

We are expert Construction Lawyers who have provided specialist building and construction law advice and advice on construction contracts for the last 23+ years across Australia.

Our advice is commercial and practical, and we pride ourselves on understanding your specific business and industry.

We advise:

  • Owners and Principals (both government and private sector)
  • Contractors / Builders
  • Subcontractors and Trade Contractors
  • Property Developers
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Tradespeople

and many more.

Also servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and all other cities and States / Territories of Australia

Best Construction Lawyers in Brisbane for your business!
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Engaging specialist Construction Lawyers like Blaze Business & Legal can be a game-changer for construction projects. Our expertise ensures that every legal challenge, from contract drafting to dispute resolution, is addressed with precision. This helps ensure the project's success as well as compliance and protection of your business.

At Blaze Business & Legal, we specialise in advising clients in the Construction Industry and related industries. 

We advise clients in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Logan, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and other States and Territories in Australia.

Looking for a trusted Construction Lawyer in Brisbane?

Our dedicated team of construction lawyers in Australia offers comprehensive legal solutions for owners / principals, builders / contractors, developers, subcontractors and trades. We don't just give you flick-pass advice that you can't even understand.

We tailor your advice to you and your business, and we go on the journey with you - whether it's a project, an issue, a dispute, or ongoing advice on various aspects of your business.

With our real-world knowledge and legal expertise, we provide services that cover every stage of your construction project.

We've worked in the construction industry and related industries, and we've owned and run our own businesses, so we know the type of help you need (and what you don't need from your Construction Lawyer!).

One of our key priorities is to help you keep out of formal disputes, and we are skilled at helping you protect your position and resolving issues before the formal dispute resolution process under your construction contract is activated.

And because we advise on both business and legal issues, we'll never refuse to help you because something "isn't a legal matter."

Looking for a Law Firm you can build an ongoing partnership with?

We get it!

You want proper advice and actionable solutions. And our help in implementing those solutions.

You want a Construction Lawyer who has decades of experience in a range of different industries - and particularly yours! - and also a Commercial Lawyer and Contracts Lawyer who can help you navigate your business through today's challenges.

You need a skilled Lawyer who nods in understanding as you are filling them in, not one who looks confused when you start talking about how the substrate was unsuitable and is an adverse Site Condition and the road's design was defective, and how you need to find a way to claim your extra costs when the Superintendent will only give you a Variation at contract rates (with no delay or disruption costs, nor extra costs for your subbies, nor your margin and overheads)! 

Commercial Building and Construction Lawyers

Our main focus as a law firm, and as a business advisory firm too actually, is on the commercial construction industry. We help businesses who work in the Construction Industry, and who work in related industries such as Infrastructure, Civil, Mining, Water, Wastewater, Energy, Renewable Energies, Transport, Manufacturing, and others. Basically, the whole supply chain.

We've advised Commonwealth Government, State Government, Local Government and GBEs. But our core focus is on private sector business. 

We have advised hundreds of private sector construction businesses on all aspects of Construction Law, Building and Construction Law, Building Law, and other related areas (whatever you call them).

We also advise builders and developers on residential building projects, particularly to help them fix their standard form contracts in the challenging environment in Australia at the moment.

How we work with you

If we can advise you by email, using dot points, we will.

We actually go out of our way not to sound "lawyerly". Life is too short, and you are too busy, to have to work out what we're saying. 

We talk with you, and we offer our candid thoughts and advice - even in our initial free consultation. 

We want to help you, and we want to work with you. But more than that, we want to build an ongoing partnership with you. Because there's a good chance you'll need a Construction Lawyer in a couple of weeks, or 3 years. And we want to be the Law Firm you turn to!

And in between that, we're here to help you with all your business and non-legal needs. That's one of our key selling points - we advise you on business stuff as well as legal stuff. So we're useful for you more of the time, and we can help you grow and scale your business, and resolve any problems, more effectively and without boundaries and "sorry, not legal"s.

Here's how Blaze Business & Legal can help you

Bid Phase

Bid Process

  • Help you prepare a comprehensive and legally sound bid.
  • Review bid documents meticulously for clarity and compliance.
  • Advise on the legal requirements for bid bonds.
  • Assist in seeking clarifications or addressing addenda in bid documents.
  • Provide guidance on proper protocols for bid submission.
  • Help you understand the evaluation criteria for bids.
  • Represent you in filing a bid protest if there are irregularities.
  • Advise on submitting alternative or value-engineering proposals.
  • Ensure sensitive information in bids remains confidential.
  • Represent and guide you through post-bid negotiations.
Construction excavator - Building and Construction Lawyer
Australian Parliament House

Government Standards in Bidding

  • Ensure bid practices adhere to relevant regulations.
  • Help you navigate the process of obtaining necessary government permits.
  • Advise on compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Ensure adherence to government accessibility standards.
  • Help you meet government safety standards.
  • Navigate the nuances of government procurement processes.
  • Advise on standards related to historical or cultural site preservation.
  • Ensure compliance with government laws.
  • Help you meet government quality standards.
  • Assist in maintaining and submitting required reports to government agencies.

Construction Phase

Project Execution

  • Help you choose the most suitable project delivery method.
  • Advise on the legal implications and structure of joint venture agreements.
  • Provide legal oversight during the tendering process.
  • Advise on the legal implications of project delays, help you structure your Contracting to improve your success rate, and help you build Extension of Time claims.
  • Help you ensure quality assurance and quality control.
  • Provide counsel on labour laws and manage worker disputes.
  • Advise on addressing environmental issues during construction.
  • Establish legal protocols for communication between stakeholders.
  • Assist in legally documenting changes or additions to the original project scope.
  • Advise on legal requirements for maintaining project records.


  • Draft and review subcontractor agreements.
  • Define the precise scope of work for subcontractors.
  • Structure payment terms for subcontractors.
  • Advise on the need for performance bonds from subcontractors.
  • Draft clauses outlining the liability and indemnification of subcontractors.
  • Ensure subcontractors have necessary licences and qualifications.
  • Establish mechanisms for resolving disputes with subcontractors.
  • Draft clear termination clauses for subcontractors.
  • Specify insurance requirements for subcontractors.
  • Advise on establishing quality control measures for subcontractors.

Dealing with Other Parties

  • Represent you in negotiations to secure favourable terms.
  • Help you renegotiate your signed construction contract.
  • Safeguard against unfair or unethical practices by the other party.
  • Establish clear communication protocols with other parties.
  • Assist in formulating a defence or counterclaim against claims.
  • Advise on legally monitoring the other party's performance.
  • Ensure sensitive information shared remains confidential.
  • Assist in obtaining lien releases from contractors or suppliers.

Resolution of Disputes

  • Mediate between parties for amicable resolutions.
  • Clarify responsibilities and obligations of both parties.
  • Establish mechanisms for resolving disputes, whether through mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

Project Completion and Termination

Finalising the Project

  • Ensure all contractual obligations are met for a smooth project handover.
  • Represent you in negotiations if disputes arise during project closeout.
  • Advise on the legal steps to address environmental concerns at project completion.
  • Ensure the project adheres to local zoning laws and environmental regulations.


  • Help you navigate the legal procedures for terminating the contract.
  • Minimise potential liabilities during the termination process.
  • Represent and guide you through any post-termination negotiations or disputes.


1. What differentiates a Construction Lawyer from a general lawyer?

A Construction Lawyer specialises in advising on Construction Law and provides tailored advice and assistance for those involved in construction projects. Within the Australian legal framework, Constructions Lawyers are generally divided into front-end (advice on projects and contracts) and back-end (formal dispute resolution).

2. How can a Construction Lawyer assist during the bid phase?

Construction Lawyers can help in preparing and reviewing bids, ensuring adherence to Australian regulations, and navigating post-bid negotiations. Generally, you would want to engage a front-end Construction Lawyer like Rachelle Hare to assist on these matters.

3. What is the Security of Payment Act in Australia?

The Security of Payment Act provides a framework for resolving payment disputes in the construction industry, ensuring that parties are paid for the work they've done. Each State and Territory has its own version of the Act:

  1. New South Wales - Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW)
  2. Victoria (VIC) - Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002 (VIC)
  3. Queensland (QLD) - Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (QLD)
  4. Western Australia (WA) - Construction Contracts Act 2004 (WA)
  5. South Australia (SA) - Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009 (SA)
  6. Tasmania (TAS) - Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009 (TAS)
  7. Australian Capital Territory (ACT) - Building and Construction Industry (Security of Payment) Act 2009 (ACT)
  8. Northern Territory (NT) - Construction Contracts (Security of Payments) Act 2004 (NT)

Each of these Acts is designed to ensure that contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry receive payments for the work they've done in a timely manner. However, the specifics of the Acts vary by jurisdiction, so it's essential to be familiar with the Act relevant to your State or Territory. Consult a Construction Lawyer for advice in relation to payment claims, and remember that there are often deadlines that you'll need to meet if claiming under the Act or responding to payment claims.

4. How can a Construction Lawyer help in risk mitigation?

Construction Lawyers can anticipate potential legal challenges, offer comprehensive contract reviews, and ensure compliance with Australian law to reduce the risk of disputes or legal repercussions.

Read our Comprehensive Guide to Risk Management

5. Is it necessary to have a Construction Lawyer throughout the entire project?

While not mandatory, having a Construction Lawyer from the project's inception to completion ensures that all legal aspects are addressed, offering peace of mind and reducing potential legal risks. Our preference is to advise right from the start of planning, so we can help you make sure all issues are addressed in the most favourable way possible for the project and your business as a whole.

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About the Author

Rachelle Hare

Rachelle Hare - Managing Director and Principal Practitioner of Blaze Business & Legal

Rachelle Hare

Rachelle Hare is a highly experienced Construction Lawyer and Contract Lawyer, with over 23 years of experience in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Construction Firms, Top Tier Private Practice and Government.

With 23+ years of experience as a Senior Lawyer, Strategic Contracting Adviser and Management Consultant in Construction Law, Contracts, Major Projects, Commercial Advisory, Compliance, Procurement, Contract Management and Risk Management, Rachelle has the rare skills to offer you seamless business advice and legal advice to help support your organisation.

As well as a Lawyer and Business Adviser, Rachelle has also acted as a Strategic Procurement Adviser, Compliance Manager, Strategic Risk Adviser and Commercial Manager.

Rachelle owns
Blaze Business & Legal, a combined Commercial Law Firm and Business Advisory Firm located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Blaze Business & Legal assists a broad range of clients in the Construction Industry and related industries, and advises owners, contractors, subcontractors, NFPs and other organisations on a broad range of Construction Law, Commercial Law, Business Advisory and Management Consulting issues in Brisbane, Queensland and around Australia.

Rachelle also owns Blaze Professional Learning, where she offers practical contracting skills, hands-on experience in drafting and working with contracts, and industry insights to help Professionals upskill and advance their careers with real-world skills.

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