How to find the Best Contract Lawyer

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Navigating the legal landscape can seem like a daunting task, especially when it comes to finding the best Contract Lawyer. With so many legal professionals claiming expertise in Contracts and Contract Law, how do you sift through to find the one who truly stands out?

When looking to engage a Contract Lawyer, you don't need to find THE best Contract Lawyer in Australia or THE best Contract Lawyer Brisbane, for example. Instead, you want to find the best Contract Lawyer FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Each owner, leader or manager of a business, or Chief Legal Officer or General Counsel of the Legal Team, will have different criteria for what this means, and I discuss this further below. Generally, however, the best Contract Lawyers are those who have many years of experience in working with contracts plus experience in the same industry as their client plus experience working in business themselves. This means that the Contract Lawyer will be able to ensure that the practical needs of their business client are dealt with in the contract and that their contract advice reflects the realities of their client's position operationally, commercially and financially as well as legally.

Rachelle Hare from Blaze Business & Legal is a specialist Contract Lawyer with over 23 years of experience in planning, drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and managing contracts, as well as resolving disputes. She has worked in the In-House Teams of Thiess, Laing O'Rourke, Airservices, DHA, Golding Contractors and Acciona. She has also advised hundreds of clients across industries including Construction, Civil, Government, Infrastructure, Mining, Energy, Renewable Energy, Water and Wastewater, Transport, Agriculture, Education, Health, and many more.

Rachelle owns her own businesses, and because she is also a Business Adviser and Management Consultant in addition to being a Contract Lawyer in Brisbane, Queensland and Australia, she is able to advise on operational, commercial, procurement, financial, sales, marketing, contractual and many other issues as well as legal.

Contact Rachelle today and see if she is the best Contract Lawyer for your business!

A good Contract Lawyer vs The Best Contract Lawyer vs The Best Contract Lawyer for your Business

Below is a table that shows you the differences between a good Contract Lawyer, the best Contract Lawyer, and the best Contract Lawyer for your business.

Keep in mind that the best Contract Lawyer in a certain speciality may not be right for your business if the industry does not match or if that Contract Lawyer does not have the all-important practical knowledge and expertise. It's all relative when deciding who is the best Contract Lawyer, so focus on who is the best Contract Lawyer FOR YOUR BUSINESS!


A good Contract Lawyer

The Best Contract Lawyer

The Best Contract Lawyer for your Business


Understands contract law principles in a particular speciality (eg Employment Contracts).

Characteristics of a good Contract Lawyer PLUS demonstrates extensive knowledge of contract law principles, including emerging legal trends and legislative changes.

All of the other characteristics PLUS familiarity with the specific industry and contract law principles and requirements of your business.

Goes the Extra Mile

Will amend a contract or draft advice like you ask them to and will point out legal issues

Characteristics of a good Contract Lawyer PLUS will make sure the contract is drafted or advice is given in the best way possible to comply with the law.

All of the other characteristics PLUS will also make sure that the contract is drafted so it is the best fit for your business, and any advice is written in a way that you or your staff will understand (and it is therefore actually useful).


Can draft and advise on particular types of contracts (eg Employment Contracts) and legal developments relating to those contracts.

Characteristics of a good Contract Lawyer PLUS easily adapts to new legal developments and incorporates them into practice.

All of the other characteristics PLUS a track record of successfully handling contracts in your industry and able to adapt all contracts and advice to your specific business needs.

Problem-Solving Skills

Capable of advising on common contract issues in their speciality (eg Employment/HR/IR).

Characteristics of a good Contract Lawyer PLUS able to solve complex contractual challenges.

All of the other characteristics PLUS takes a proactive approach to identifying potential risks, solving problems and tailoring solutions to your business and industry's unique contract challenges.

Approach to Clients

Takes instructions from their client, does the work, sends the work to the client, often doesn't speak with the client again.

Characteristics of a good Contract Lawyer PLUS prioritises client relationships, acting as a trusted strategic advisor.

All of the other characteristics PLUS listens to their clients’ needs and aligns legal advice with business goals. Has a deep understanding of your business objectives and a dedication to helping you achieve them.

Reputation and Reviews

Seems ok, not many reviews, nothing negative in terms of their reputation.

Characteristics of a good Contract Lawyer PLUS has an excellent reputation and recognition from peers and clients.

All of the other characteristics PLUS a long history of serving businesses similar to yours with high levels of client satisfaction.

Communication Skills

Explains legal concepts and terms but doesn't really check whether the client understands them (and doesn't translate them from legal-speak to business-speak).

Characteristics of a good Contract Lawyer PLUS effectively communicates with clients and counterparties, ensuring clarity throughout.

All of the other characteristics PLUS exceptional communication skills tailored to your business’s specific language and terminology.


Has some experience in the few relevant industries and contract types in their specialty (eg Employment/HR/IR).

Characteristics of a good Contract Lawyer PLUS brings years of specialised experience and proven success in similar matters.

All of the other characteristics PLUS a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of your industry's contracts and legal requirements and your overall business requirements.

Track Record

Seems to have some track record of advising on contracts effectively.

Characteristics of a good Contract Lawyer PLUS has a strong history of securing favorable outcomes for clients.

All of the other characteristics PLUS a consistent track record of achieving positive results for businesses with similar contractual needs.

Cost and Fees

Offers fees that are comparable with other law firms.

Characteristics of a good Contract Lawyer PLUS provides transparent and understandable fee structure with no surprises.

All of the other characteristics PLUS fair fee structures with no hidden costs and flexible fee arrangements that accommodate your business's budget and financial goals.

Accessibility and Availability

Can generally be reached. Usually responds to, and attempts to meet, their client's timelines.

Characteristics of a good Contract Lawyer PLUS remains accessible and responsive, even during time-sensitive situations.

All of the other characteristics PLUS a commitment to being available when you need them, especially during critical business transactions. Works with you to understand your priorities and timelines so they can be available when needed.

Ethics and Professionalism

Upholds ethical standards consistent with other lawyers. Professional – will turn up to your building job site in a suit and tie

Characteristics of a good Contract Lawyer PLUS demonstrates unwavering professionalism and ethical conduct at all times.

All of the other characteristics PLUS understands your business and tailors their dress and conduct to suit your business needs (eg wearing site-appropriate clothing).

Network and Resources

Has access to a network of legal professionals and resources through their law firm.

Characteristics of a good Contract Lawyer PLUS possesses an extensive network and resources to strengthen support and advice.

All of the other characteristics PLUS a robust network of industry-specific contacts that can provide additional support and insights for your business's legal needs if you require them. 

And bonus points if your Contract Lawyer is also able to provide commercial and operational business advice plus financial advice and other types of advice for your business.

The Critical Role of Industry Understanding in Choosing the Best Contract Lawyer for Your Business

When it comes to finding the best Contract Lawyer for your business, making sure they have the right legal expertise is essential. However, the success and effectiveness of your contracts hinge on a deeper understanding - a Contract Lawyer who comprehends your industry and business. Industry understanding plays a pivotal role in making sure you select the right Contract Lawyer for your business, and how this knowledge can provide invaluable advantages to your business.

Tailored Legal Solutions for Industry-Specific Needs

Every industry operates under distinct dynamics, regulations, and market conditions. A Contract Lawyer who understands your industry can tailor legal solutions that are finely tuned to address your unique business needs. They will be familiar with specific contract clauses, terms, and conditions that are commonly utilised in your sector, ensuring that your agreements align with industry standards and best practices.

Moreover, their comprehension of your industry's nuances enables them to identify potential risks and challenges that may not be evident to a generalist lawyer. By customising your contracts to suit your industry-specific requirements, your legal agreements become more robust and better equipped to protect your interests.

Efficient Contract Drafting and Review

Time is often of the essence in the business world, and delays in contract drafting or review can hinder critical business deals and opportunities. A Contract Lawyer who understands your industry can draft contracts efficiently, having a deep grasp of the relevant legal clauses and provisions required.

Additionally, during contract review processes, they can quickly identify any ambiguities or discrepancies in the agreements, streamlining the negotiation process and minimising delays. This efficiency ensures that your business can move forward swiftly and capitalise on opportunities without being bogged down by protracted legal procedures.

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Proactive Risk Management

Understanding your industry's specific risks and challenges is crucial for creating effective risk management strategies within your contracts. A Contract Lawyer well-versed in your sector can anticipate potential pitfalls and integrate protective clauses that address those concerns directly.

For instance, in industries with evolving technologies, intellectual property protection is paramount. An industry-aware Contract Lawyer can draft non-disclosure agreements, intellectual property clauses and relevant contracts to safeguard your innovations and proprietary information. By taking a proactive approach to risk management, they shield your business from future disputes and costly litigations.

Seamless Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations can be intricate affairs, and a Contract Lawyer who is familiar with your industry as well as being a skilled negotiator can provide a competitive edge during these crucial discussions. Armed with industry insights, they can effectively communicate your business objectives, identify and understand the concerns of other parties, point out where the other party is over-reaching, and find mutually beneficial solutions.

The ability to speak the language of your industry enhances transparency and fosters better communication with other stakeholders, increasing the likelihood of successful negotiations and mutually satisfactory outcomes.

Compliance with Industry Regulations

Different industries are subject to varying regulatory frameworks, and contracts must align with these legal requirements to remain enforceable or to prevent breach and possible penalties. A Contract Lawyer who understands your industry will be experienced in the specific regulations that govern your business operations.

From legislation governing construction projects to consumer protection laws to data privacy regulations, an industry-aware Contract Lawyer ensures that your contracts are compliant, reducing the risk of legal penalties and reputational damage stemming from regulatory non-compliance.

Characteristics of the Best Contract Lawyer for your Business

The best Contract Lawyer for your business is not just someone who knows the law but someone who understands your business needs and your industry and can provide tailored solutions to help your business succeed.

If you're looking for a Lawyer, or hunting around for a new Lawyer, make sure you choose a lawyer who ticks all those boxes, and the following as well:

Comprehensive Expertise

The best contract lawyers have a broad understanding of contract law that extends beyond a single industry or type of contract. They are well-versed in various aspects of contract law, including contract planning (learn all about contract planning on Rachelle's sister website, Blaze Professional Learning), contract drafting, contract review, contract negotiation, contract management, and dispute resolution.


The best Contract Lawyer for your business can adapt to your unique business's needs and industry requirements. They may work for a SAAS company startup in the tech industry needing a software licensing agreement one day, and a construction company looking for assistance with an AS 4000 building contract the next day. But when they work for you, it's clear that your business is their key priority and focus.

Problem-Solving Skills

Exceptional Contract Lawyers are not just lawyers but problem-solvers. They can navigate the complexities of contract law, dive into the depths of contract drafting, and provide strategic advice to help you avoid potential pitfalls for your business.

Client-Centric Approach

The best Contract Lawyers prioritise their clients' needs. They take the time to understand your specific circumstances and tailor their services accordingly. They are not just your lawyers but your trusted advisors.

Reputation and Reviews

Look for a Contract Lawyer with a solid reputation in the field. Client reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into a lawyer's professionalism, expertise, and client service.

Communication Skills

Clear and effective communication is crucial in contract law. The best Contract Lawyers can explain complex legal concepts in a way that's easy to understand and actually benefits your business as a whole. They keep their clients informed every step of the way.


Lastly, consider the lawyer's experience in contract law. Experienced Contract Lawyers have a deep understanding of the intricacies of contract law and can provide expert advice based on their years of practice.

Finding the Best Contract Lawyer in Australia for your Business 

Approach 1: The Holistic Approach

  • Consider taking a holistic approach when searching for the best contract lawyer in Australia.
  • Reach out to industry peers, business partners, and professional networks for referrals.
  • Personal recommendations often provide valuable insights into a lawyer's expertise, work ethic, and client satisfaction.
  • Attend legal events and seminars to interact with legal professionals and gain a better understanding of their skills and areas of specialisation.
  • By combining various sources of information, you can make a well-informed decision and find the Contract Lawyer who truly stands out for your specific legal needs for your business.

Approach 2: Technology-Driven Selection

  • Embrace technology to aid in your search for the best Contract Lawyer.
  • Utilise legal directories and online platforms that offer detailed profiles of Contract Lawyers in Australia (make sure you note which ones the Lawyers have paid for themselves as advertising).
  • These platforms often include information about a lawyer's experience, practice areas, and client reviews.
  • Consider using AI-powered legal tech tools to analyse a lawyer's online presence and reputation across multiple platforms - although this tech is still early and may not give you a full picture.
  • These tools can provide an objective assessment of a lawyer's standing in the legal community and help you make data-driven decisions.
  • By leveraging technology, you can streamline the selection process and discover top Contract Lawyers who excel in their field.

Approach 3: Consultation and Case Studies

  • Opt for a more hands-on approach by scheduling consultations with potential Contract Lawyers.
  • During these meetings, ask specific questions about their experience handling contracts similar to yours, their strategies for undertaking the work required, and their communication style.
  • Request case studies or examples of successful contract drafting, contract review, contract negotiations and contract advice they have handled in the past.
  • Hearing about their real-life experiences can provide concrete evidence of their capabilities and give you a glimpse into how they might handle your specific legal matters.
  • By engaging in consultations and reviewing (or listening to) case studies, you can assess a lawyer's suitability for your requirements and find the best Contract Lawyer who aligns with your business objectives.
  • Remember, combining different approaches can lead to a more comprehensive evaluation of Contract Lawyers, helping you make an informed decision and ultimately finding the best legal representation for your contractual needs in Australia.


When seeking the best Contract Lawyer for your business, looking beyond legal expertise to find someone who understands your industry can significantly impact your business's success. An industry-aware Contract Lawyer offers tailored legal solutions, efficient contract drafting, proactive risk management, seamless negotiations, and adherence to industry-specific regulations.

By partnering with a Contract Lawyer who comprehends your industry, you gain a strategic advantage in navigating the complexities of contracts, enabling your business to thrive in today's competitive marketplace. The synergy between legal expertise and industry understanding empowers you to forge agreements that protect your interests, drive growth, and solidify your business's position as a leader in your sector.


1. What services does a Contract Lawyer provide?

A Contract Lawyer provides a range of services including contract planning, drafting, review, negotiation, management, and dispute resolution. Often, individual Lawyers will specialise in “front-end” (everything before the parties are in a dispute) or “back end” (dispute resolution and litigation). It is important to keep this in mind when choosing a Contract Lawyer to work with you. Also consider that some Lawyers further specialise in particular areas of law, such as Employment Law, Leasing, Litigation, and Construction Law – so you need to either select a Contract Lawyer in the right speciality or choose someone like Rachelle Hare who is an expert in all types of Contracts and Contracting.

2. Why is it important to engage a Contract Lawyer?

A Contract Lawyer can help protect your interests, identify potential risks, and ensure that your Contracts are legally sound and beneficial to you. If your business deals with a number of contracts, it is important to engage a Lawyer with experience and expertise in working with Contracts. Keep in mind that some Lawyers don’t work with Contracts in their day to day careers – you wouldn’t want to engage a Litigation Lawyer, for example, to help you draft a Construction Contract.

3. What should I look for in a contract lawyer?

Look for a lawyer with comprehensive expertise, adaptability, problem-solving skills, a client-centric approach, a solid reputation, excellent communication skills, and experience in contract law.

4. How can I find the best contract lawyer?

You can start by researching online, asking for recommendations, reading client reviews, and scheduling consultations with potential lawyers.

5. What should I prepare for my first meeting with a contract lawyer?

It’s helpful to bring any existing contracts or legal documents related to your case, as well as a list of any questions or concerns you may have.

6. How can a contract lawyer help me with contract disputes?

A contract lawyer can assist with dispute resolution, including negotiation, mediation, and litigation, to help resolve contract disputes.

7. Can a contract lawyer help me with contracts in different industries?

Yes, the best contract lawyers can adapt to different industries and provide expert advice on various types of contracts.

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