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"This is a must-read book for all business owners who ever wondered when they should ask for help in their business. Because owners and entrepreneurs will experience a huge range of challenges between starting their business and ending their business - knowing which ones are the deal-breakers is critical!“

Brad S.

Owner - Civil construction company

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You'll be emailed a link to download our 40-page illustrated eBook on when to seek help for your business. The eBook tells you how to spot the 11 Red Flags in your Business, and will help you to discover when (and why) to call in an expert.

PS - No pressure from us to use our services if you download this eBook, as we only take on a limited number of clients each month who are the right fit for us, our skillsets and our combined experience. But we hope this information will be useful for you as you navigate owning and running your business.


Rachelle Hare & Shannon Drew

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What are The 11 Red Flags?

Discover the Red Flags you'll often encounter when running a business. Learn what are the signs you need to look out for

How Can These Red Flags Impact Your Business?

Learn how these Red Flags can impact on your business and can cause serious challenges for you and your staff

What Happens If You Ignore These Red Flags?

Find out when will ignoring these warning signs affect your business and negatively impact your operations, profitability, and overall sustainability?

When Should You Seek Help?

You've learned the signs and how these problems can impact your business. Now learn when you should seek professional help from a business adviser like Blaze Business & Legal (and when you can likely sort things out yourself) 

5 stars testimonial review - Blaze Business & Legal

"An invaluable resource for entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey. This book brilliantly outlines the signs that indicate it's time to seek external advice and tells you why. A practical guide that could very well save your business."

L. Thompson, Owner, Construction Company

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