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Over $1,875 worth of value, absolutely FREE

The Business Insights Blueprint is completely free of charge. 

If, after you’ve read your Business Insights Blueprint, you decide to become a client of Blaze Business & Legal, we will help you to implement the recommendations made.

We will also, if you wish, carry out a more comprehensive review of your business so we can help you with other Business Challenges as well.

If you choose not to get our help, but are happy with your Business Insights Blueprint, we’d be thrilled to have your honest feedback via a company review. But there's absolutely no obligation.

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What the Business Insights Blueprint offers

Tailored Actionable Insights

The Business Insights Blueprint is custom-made for your business, ensuring that the insights and recommendations are highly relevant and actionable.

This tailored approach means that the strategies provided are designed to address the specific challenges and opportunities unique to your business.

Informed Decision-Making

With the comprehensive analysis and insights provided in the Business Insights Blueprint, business leaders are equipped with the information they need to make informed decisions.

This can lead to more effective strategies, better allocation of resources, and ultimately, a more successful business.

Time and Cost Efficiency

By identifying key areas for improvement and providing actionable recommendations, the Business Insights Blueprint can help businesses avoid costly trial and error.

This not only saves time but also ensures that investments are directed towards initiatives that are likely to yield the best results.

Competitive Advantage

In a competitive market, having a deep understanding of your business’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial.

The Business Insights Blueprint offers an in-depth analysis that can uncover hidden opportunities and threats, giving your business a competitive edge by enabling you to act swiftly and strategically.

How Does the Business Insights Blueprint Process Work?

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Step 1: Complete the Questionnaire (by clicking the red button above)

When you request your free Business Insights Blueprint, we’ll ask you a series of questions about your business and goals through a 10-minute Questionnaire.

We’ll ask about the biggest Business Challenge you’re currently facing, what your business objectives are for the year, and any specific areas where you feel your business is struggling.

We need you to be honest with us when you answer the questions (otherwise we will send you a Business Insights Report that doesn't reflect your actual business circumstances). We've truly heard it all before! 

We will keep all of your answers and identity confidential, even if you never engage our services.

Step 2: We'll assess where your Business is at

We’ll assess how your business currently functions and whether your business is ready for long-term growth based on your current situation and goals.

Our longer-term services are best paired with medium to large businesses around Australia - across most Industries - who have established a viable business model and are looking to scale with the help of our business advice and insights, growth strategy, management consultancy services and legal services.

But don't worry, we'll still send you your free Business Insights Blueprint even if you're a Startup or Small Business, and there are many ways we would love to work with you as well!

Step 3: We'll send your Business Insights Blueprint to you


We'll contact you for a FREE discussion to obtain more information (and then send your Business Insights Blueprint)

You'll then have our actionable and no-obligation recommendations about ways you could solve or begin to sort out your biggest Business Challenge.

The Results from our Business Insights Blueprint

These are just a handful of the results we’ve helped previous requesters achieve for their businesses:

  • Increased Revenue and Profitability - Helped a client in the retail industry implement pricing and sales strategies that led to a 25% increase in revenue and a 15% increase in net profit within six months.
  • Operational Efficiency - Assisted a manufacturing company in streamlining its supply chain and production processes, resulting in a 30% reduction in operating costs and a 20% increase in production capacity.
  • Risk Mitigation - Developed and implemented a comprehensive Risk Management Plan for a superannuation firm, significantly reducing exposure to regulatory fines and protecting the organisation's reputation.
  • Legal Division - Created the first Legal Division for a large business and acted as Interim General Counsel while helping to recruit the General Counsel.
  • Legal Compliance and Governance - Helped a client in the construction industry navigate complex regulatory requirements, ensuring full compliance and avoiding potential legal pitfalls.
  • Crisis Management: Assisted a company in effectively managing a crisis situation, minimising damage to the brand and ensuring compliance with legislation.
  • Sustainable Practices and CSR: Guided a large company in implementing sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Business Insights Blueprint Questionnaire

Fill out this Questionnaire to give us the info we need to prepare your Business Insights Blueprint (approx 10 minutes)

First Name*
Last Name*
Email Address*
Phone Number (add +61 at the start)*
Is your Business Located in australia?*
Which Industry Is Your Business In?*
Business Name*
Business Type (eg Tyre Manufacturer)*
Your role in the Business
How long has your business been running?*
Number of Employees (including contractors)* [Don't include yourself if you're the Owner/Director]
Approximate Annual Revenue Of Your Business*
How is your business Categorised?*

Based on the Above, please select the best option for your business (don't worry if there is some uncertainty, as the markers are often arbitrary - your best guess is fine)*
What is the primary goal for your business over the next year?
Primary Goal - Additional Information You would like to share
What is the biggest challenge your business is currently facing?
Biggest Challenge - Additional information you would like to share
What type of support or resources do you think would most help your business?
Support - Additional Information You Would Like to Share

Depending on your answers to the Questionnaire, we will either:
1. email your customised Business Insights Blueprint to you; or
2. get in touch with you to arrange a free Consultation with our experts (so we can get further information from you before we complete your tailored Business Insights Blueprint).

CEO, Large construction company

They identified problems we hadn’t seen and gave us practical steps to address them

"When I first agreed to meet with Rachelle and Shannon, I was a bit skeptical. Our company is quite large, and I thought we had a good handle on things. But the free Business Insights Blueprint they provided really opened my eyes, and meeting with them took it to another level again. It was like they had a sixth sense for spotting issues in our operations. They identified problems we hadn’t seen across so many different areas of the business, and they gave us practical steps to address them. We decided to work with Blaze Business & Legal on an ongoing basis. They’ve been a huge help in improving our operational efficiency and compliance, and we're already starting to develop a game plan for our next steps."


1. What exactly is the Business Insights Blueprint?

The Business Insights Blueprint is a customised email or document that provides analysis and actionable recommendations tailored to your business. It addresses your biggest Business Challenge and offers insights into areas of your business such as operations, strategy, financial management, and more.

2. How is the Business Insights Blueprint created?

The Business Insights Blueprint is created based on your answers to the above Questionnaire and, in some cases, a free consulting session with our experts, where we discuss your business and your biggest Business Challenge in detail. We then analyse this information and combine it with our expertise to create a comprehensive email or document that addresses these challenges and offers practical recommendations to address them.

3. How can the Business Insights Blueprint help my business?

The Business Insights Blueprint can help you identify inefficiencies, uncover opportunities, gain clarity on financial management and your business finances, helping implement legal, risk and compliance solutions, and offering strategies for growth. It's like a roadmap that guides you in making informed decisions to improve your business performance in relation to your biggest Business Challenge.

4. How long does it take to receive the Business Insights Blueprint?

If we don't need to have a free consulting session with you, we will send your Business Insights Report to you by email within 24 hours after you submit the Questionnaire.

If we consult with you, after our meeting, it will take us a short period for us to analyse the information and draft the Business Insights Blueprint. The exact timeframe can vary, but we aim to deliver it as quickly as possible so you can start implementing the recommendations.

5. What if I need further assistance after receiving the Business Insights Blueprint?

If you need further assistance or have questions about the recommendations in the Business Insights Blueprint, we’re here to help, just get in touch. You can also engage us for ongoing business advisory services, legal services and management consultancy services to help you implement our recommendations, give you additional recommendations, and monitor progress.

6. Is the information I share during the strategy session confidential?

All the information you share in the Questionnaire and during any consulting session, and any data used in creating the Business Insights Blueprint, is handled by us with the utmost confidentiality and will not be shared with any third parties unless you ask us to.

7. Does receiving a Business Insights Blueprint from you mean that our business is a client of blaze business & Legal?

You will not become a client of Blaze Business & Legal unless you ask us in writing to provide services to you or your business, we quote for our services, and you accept our quote in writing. In relation to our legal services, you will not become our client until the additional step has been taken of you signing and returning to us our Disclosure Notice and Costs Agreement (as is required by law).

Because you are not our client, we will not be bound by any professional obligations that we owe our clients, however we will act towards you and your business with the utmost integrity and confidentiality.

Please be aware that, until you are our client, any recommendations given in our Business Insights Blueprint are general suggestions only and cannot be relied upon by you or your business in any action or claim against Blaze Business & Legal, Rachelle Hare, Shannon Drew and/or any of our staff and contractors. You acknowledge this by submitting the Questionnaire to us.

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