How to take your Earthmoving Sunshine Coast Business to the next level

  • Step 1: Give Rachelle Hare or Shannon Drew a call
  • Step 2: Tell us about your Earthmoving Sunshine Coast business
  • Step 3: Listen to our suggestions
  •  Step 4: Get our help to implement them in your business
  • Step 5: Buy us a beer!
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Combined Business & Legal Advice for your Earthmoving Sunshine Coast Business 

Blaze Business & Legal is not your typical consultancy or law firm. We are a unique blend of both, providing strategic business advice, management consulting, and legal services specifically tailored for Earthmoving, Civil, and Construction companies on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Queensland, and across Australia. Our mission is to help your business navigate through challenges, achieve sustained growth, and ensure legal compliance.

We live and work near you

Shannon Drew lives on the Sunshine Coast and has built a close network of clients and friends in that region. If he hasn't advised you yet, he's probably advising your mates.

Rachelle Hare lives in Brisbane and regularly travels up to the Sunshine Coast to visit her clients. She started practising Construction Law in Brisbane in the early 2000s, so she knows the laws of Queensland and the Construction Industry in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Queensland inside and out.

How we help fix Challenges of your Earthmoving Business

Problem: Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Heavy machinery used in earthmoving requires regular maintenance and often needs costly repairs. Neglecting this can lead to equipment failure, project delays, and safety risks.

Solution: We provide strategic advice on asset management, helping you plan and budget for maintenance and repair costs effectively. We can also help you decide between new and old equipment purchases based on cash flow forecasts and the needs of your business.

Problem: Compliance with Safety Laws

You know your industry is subject to strict safety regulations to protect workers. Non-compliance can lead to hefty fines, legal issues, and harm to your reputation. And you need to make sure your operators are safe at their job sites.

Solution: Our legal team can help you navigate these regulations, ensuring your operations are compliant and your workers are safe. This is particularly important when you're providing wet hire - how do you make sure the client looks out for your operators.

Problem: Workforce Management

Finding skilled operators and staff can be challenging, and managing them effectively is crucial for project success. 

Solution: We help you improve your recruitment, retention, and workforce management strategies and put solid policies and procedures in place. We tweak your Employment Contracts and add KPIs to help align your business goals with employee performance. With all these in place, they help attract skilled operators and staff to your business.

Problem: Erratic payment

The current problems throughout the Construction Industry, including labour shortages, material shortages, price increases, and insolvencies can have a massive impact on your business. Your hires and jobs can be scattered and your cash flow suffers. You also risk not being paid for some of your services if your client goes bust or has their own cash flow challenges.

Solution: Rachelle can audit your contracts and standard terms and conditions to make sure they are tight and protect your business. Or she can draft new ones if yours are a bit old or out of date. And we can help ensure you get payment with strategies such as advance payment, deposits, and guarantees.

We can also work with you on cash flow forecasting - Shannon is a whiz at helping earthmoving companies, civil companies and construction companies to manage their finances better over the long term. 

Problem: Legal Compliance

Your business has to navigate a complex mix of construction laws, WHS legislation, contracts, Security of Payment Act claims and dispute resolution processes. Legal issues can lead to costly disputes with your clients, payment disputes, and damage to your reputation.

Solution: Rachelle can help you navigate this complex landscape, ensuring your contracts are sound and your business is legally compliant and can deal with claims.

Problem: Fluctuating Market Demand

The demand for earthmoving services can fluctuate with the economy and the construction industry, making financial planning challenging. Without proper planning, these fluctuations can lead to financial instability and missed growth opportunities.

Solution: Shannon can help you develop flexible financial plans and strategies to navigate market fluctuations effectively. Luckily, with the Olympic Games 2032 coming up, there will be plenty of work - it's all about positioning your business to best take advantage of the opportunities.

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Problem: High Operational Costs

Fuel, maintenance, labor, and insurance costs can be high, affecting profitability. Without effective cost management, your profitability and competitiveness can suffer, particularly if you're not properly passing on all your overheads to your clients.

Solution: Shannon will go over all your overheads in detail and create a plan of action to help you recoup all your costs from your contracts. We also work with you to give strategic advice and practical solutions to help you optimise your operations and reduce costs for long-term growth.

Problem: Technology

Keeping up with new technologies, CRMs and automation, can improve efficiency but requires investment and training. Falling behind in technological adaptation can lead to decreased efficiency and competitiveness.

Solution: We can help you identify and implement suitable technologies for your business, improving efficiency and giving you a competitive edge.

Problem: Competition and Winning Bids

The earthmoving industry can be highly competitive, with many companies vying for the same contracts. Without a good reputation, an understanding of your clients and their procurement processes, and effective marketing, securing contracts can be challenging.

Solution: We can work with you to develop a strong marketing strategy and solid tendering process. This will help you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of winning bids.

Our Specialised Services

Strategic Business Advisory

Our business advisory services are not one-size-fits-all. We understand the unique challenges faced by earthmoving contractors on the Sunshine Coast. Rachelle and Shannon will work closely with you to understand your business, providing actionable strategies and practical solutions to drive growth, improve efficiency, and unlock your business potential.

Proactive Legal Services

Our legal team, led by Rachelle Hare, an expert Construction Lawyer and Contract Lawyer with over 23 years of experience, provides proactive legal advice to safeguard your business interests. We help you navigate the complex laws and regulations affecting the earthmoving industry and constrution industry, protect your assets and equipment, and ensure your operations are fully compliant.

Image of earthmoving equipment. Caption reads, "Practical Advice for your Earthmoving Sunshine Coast Business." Blaze Business & Legal Logo.

Why Choose Blaze Business & Legal?

Shannon and Rachelle have been advising my business for a years. I got my employment contracts sorted, proper policies in place, and training for my staff. Plus Shannon has re-done all the business finances from the ground up. We've gone from financial challenges to steady growth, and we're finally now in the expansion stage. And Rachelle is working on my T&Cs at the moment. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the Blaze Business & Legal team!


Owner of a Sunshine Coast Earthmoving Company

1. Integrated Practice

With Blaze Business & Legal, you get the best of both worlds. Our integrated practice combines Rachelle's expertise as a Senior Construction Lawyer, Commercial Lawyer and Contracts Lawyer, Strategic Business Adviser and Management Consultant with Shannon's Senior Management Accountant, Strategic Business Adviser and Management Consultant.

Our holistic approach - and our preference to work closely together as a team - ensures that you receive comprehensive advice from both of our expertise to help you unlock your business potential and achieve sustained growth.

2. Tailored Solutions

We understand that every business is unique. That's why we provide customised business and legal strategies aligned with your unique goals and challenges. Rachelle and Shannon work with you to develop strategies that maximise your ROI and mitigate risks.

3. Commitment to Your Success

Your success is our success. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and delivering solutions that exceed your expectations. Rachelle and Shannon are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure your business thrives, and we have dozens of clients who vouch for us!

Your Trusted Partner in Business Growth and Legal Compliance

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Rachelle Hare

Rachelle Hare - Managing Director and Principal Practitioner of Blaze Business & Legal

About the Author

Rachelle Hare

Rachelle Hare is a highly experienced Construction Lawyer and Contract Lawyer in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland and Australia, with over 23 years of experience in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Construction Firms, Top Tier Private Practice and Government.

With 20+ years of experience as a Senior Lawyer, Strategic Contracting Adviser and Management Consultant in Construction Law, Contracts, Major Projects, Commercial Advisory, Procurement, Contract Management and Risk Management, Rachelle has the rare skills to offer you seamless business advice and legal advice to help support your business.

Rachelle owns Blaze Business & Legal, a combined Commercial Law Firm and Business Advisory Firm located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Blaze Business & Legal assists a broad range of clients in the Construction Industry and related industries, and our firm advises owners, contractors, subcontractors, government and councils on a broad range of Construction Law, Commercial Law, Business Advisory and Management Consulting issues. 

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