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Published on 21 July 2023, by Rachelle Hare, Specialist Contract Lawyer at Blaze Business & Legal in Brisbane 

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Your Contract Lawyer in Brisbane

A Contract Lawyer Brisbane is a specialist lawyer who advises on all aspects of different contracts, particularly as they apply to the laws of Queensland, Australia. Because of their skillsets, most Contract Lawyers are able to provide legal advice on planning, drafting, reviewing, negotiating, executing, and managing different contracts, as well as resolving contract disputes.

While many Contract Lawyers specialise only in a particular industry or type of contracts, such as Employment Contracts or Property Contracts / Leases, other Contract Lawyers such as Rachelle Hare are able to advise across a number of different industries as their unique skills in how Contracts work are transferrable between industries and types of contracts. In our view, this is the best Contract Lawyer to engage for a business with a wide variety of contract work required.

Here's why you need Rachelle Hare as your Contract Lawyer in Brisbane, Queensland and around Australia

No matter how important your Legals are, your business is more than your Legals.

Rachelle understands this completely, and it's why she founded Blaze Business & Legal.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Industry-Specific Expertise
    Rachelle Hare is a versatile contract lawyer who can advise across multiple sectors.
  • Customised Contracts
    We tailor contracts to fit your unique business needs, no cookie-cutter solutions here.
  • Swift Action
    We value your time and offer quick turnarounds for all your contractual needs.

Does Your Contract Lawyer Need to Be Local?

While it's convenient to have your Lawyer located in your own city, it's not necessary. It's far more important that you find someone who understands your business, who's skilled at drafting contracts and advising on contracts, and who you trust.

Rachelle Hare has practiced over her career in Brisbane, Sydney, and Canberra. She knows the different laws across Australia, which makes her an excellent choice for businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions.

Top 11 Reasons to Engage a Contract Lawyer

  1. Risk Mitigation - Protect yourself from legal pitfalls.
  2. Clarity - Ensure all parties understand their roles and responsibilities.
  3. Dispute Resolution - Expert advice on how to resolve contract disputes.
  4. Regulatory Compliance - Stay up-to-date with laws and regulations.
  5. Cost Savings - Avoid costly mistakes and litigation.
  6. Negotiation Skills - Get the best terms for your business.
  7. Intellectual Property - Safeguard your valuable IP.
  8. Confidentiality - Ensure sensitive information stays that way.
  9. Flexibility - Adapt to changing business conditions.
  10. Peace of Mind - Sleep better knowing you're legally protected.
  11. Strategic Advice - Make informed business decisions.

Additional Services

We're not just about contracts. We offer a wide range of services including commercial law, construction law, and business structuring.

When you are looking to engage a lawyer to help you draft a contract, there is often the question of who you should engage, where that lawyer should be based, and what specialities the lawyer should possess.

Are you based in Brisbane and looking for a contract lawyer to draft or review a contract? Look no further! LegalVision has specialist contract lawyers who are well equipped and able to assist you with your contractual needs and advise you of your contractual rights and liabilities. 

As a business owner, you will want to make sure all relevant contracts relating to yourself and your business clearly set out your obligations and protect your interests at the same time. Our team of contract lawyers will be able to draft contracts fitting your specific needs. Common contracts used by businesses are client agreements, employment contracts, commercial agreements, business terms and conditions, distribution agreements and service agreements.

To get in touch with a contract lawyer for your business in Brisbane, call us or fill out the form and we will contact you for an obligation-free consultation and a quote.

Read more about our Legal Services at Blaze Business & Legal

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What is a Contract?

A contract is a relationship between you and the other party or parties, promising certain things to one another. Contracts can be verbal or written, they may be equally as binding, but it is in the interests of both parties to have a written agreement so as to ensure that all promises and obligations are clear and explicit. The last thing you want is confusion or disagreement regarding specific terms of the agreement.

Our dedicated team of online lawyers and Brisbane-based lawyers are ready to assist with any contractual matters you may have. Get in touch! We’re here to help.

Contrary to popular belief, a contract does not need to be in writing — it can be oral, part oral and part written, or even implied by conduct.

Entering a contract is a regular part of life, whether you are aware of it or not. For instance, you enter into a contract when you buy a loaf of bread, negotiate a pay rise or buy a movie ticket.

Most contract disputes arise when a party to the contract breaches a term that is written or implied in the contract.

A breach of contract usually occurs through:

  • a failure to perform on time;
  • a failure to perform to an agreed standard; or
  • a refusal or inability to perform at all.

A breach of contract can have a severe impact on people and businesses. Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant in a contract dispute, our team of dedicated contract lawyers in Brisbane can provide expert legal advice to ensure your rights are protected.

Should I engage a Contract Lawyer Brisbane to help me with my contracts?

Like many questions of this type, the answer is: it depends. Contract Lawyers Brisbane generally have the skills and knowledge to advise you on Queensland-specific issues and make sure that Queensland law is complied in with your contracts. Having said this, you could also engage a Contract Lawyer outside Brisbane and even outside Queensland, so long as they are familiar with (and have experience in) the law of that State. 

For example, Rachelle Hare practiced as a Lawyer for 6 years in Sydney, New South Wales, and for 9 years in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, in addition to her practice for 9 years in Brisbane, Queensland. She is therefore able to advise on these jurisdictions as well as Queensland, where she currently lives. Rachelle Hare also makes sure that she keeps fully across and abreast of any law changes in Melbourne, Victoria and Perth, Western Australia - in this way, she is able to advise clients all across Australia as a Contract Lawyer, Commercial Lawyer and Construction Contract Lawyer.  

How can we help you with your Contracts?

Blaze Business & Legal can help clients review, draft, and negotiate a wide range of contracts, including:

  • shareholders agreements
  • partnership agreements
  • sponsorship agreements
  • construction contracts;
  • building contracts;
  • franchise agreements;
  • commercial agreements;
  • sale of business agreements;
  • confidentiality agreements and NDAs;
  • joint venture agreements
  • partnership agreements
  • distribution agreements
  • transport services contracts
  • waste management contracts
  • loan agreements;
  • government contracts;
  • terms and conditions and website terms of use;
  • business deeds;
  • service and consultancy agreements;
  • employment contracts
  • independent contractor agreements;
  • distribution agreements
  • supply agreements
  • licence agreements.

We can also assist in buying/selling a business, business structuring, commercial leasing, contract negotiations, and franchising.

Keep in mind that some Contract Lawyers only specialise in a particular area of contract law, such as franchising, and may not have the expertise to help you in other areas. However, Rachelle Hare has been advising on contracts across all areas of Commercial Law, Construction Law and Contract Law for the last 23 years, and she specialises in advising on contracts of any type.

Read our article about finding the best Contract Lawyer for your business 

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Who and how we can help

Our lawyers can help any party to a contract dispute. We can help a plaintiff to claim damages or other remedies to ensure they are adequately compensated. We can help a defendant fight a claim for damages, argue that the amount claimed is too high, or lodge a counterclaim.

We can help solve contract disputes in all types of businesses, including retail, mining, and construction.

A dispute may require simple enforcement proceedings, or it may require more complex action to deal with instances of negligence or misleading or deceptive conduct, for example.

Resolving a contract dispute may require:


When the parties negotiate a resolution without the need for formal mediation or arbitration.


When an independent mediator is appointed to help the parties resolve the dispute rather than decide it.


When an arbitrator is appointed by the disputing parties or by a court, with the arbitrator making a legally binding decision.

Court proceedings

When negotiation, or mediation and arbitration, cannot resolve the dispute, it will need to be taken to court.

Difference between a Contract Lawyer and a Disputes Lawyer

When choosing a Contract Lawyer to engage, it's critical that you understand the difference between a "Contract Lawyer" and a "Disputes Lawyer" or "Contract Disputes Lawyer."

Contract Lawyers like Rachelle Hare advise on all aspects of a contract lifecycle, from the Contract Planning stage, through Contract Drafting, to Contract Review and Contract Negotiation, to Contract Management and the resolution of Contract Disputes. Contract Lawyers can also be strategic advisers, but all Contract Lawyers are not Strategic Contracting Advisers like Rachelle Hare.

Basically, it comes down to the experience that a Lawyer has gained over their career. If a Contract Disputes Lawyer or a Disputes Lawyer has spent their career advising on Contract Disputes, they do not necessarily have the experience or skills to advise you on front-end Contract matters (ie carrying out works, services or the project before there is a dispute under the contract). In this case, it is better to engage a front-end Contract Lawyer and save engaging a Contract Disputes Lawyer until you are actually in formal dispute.


Do you need a lawyer to draft a contract?

No, a lawyer is not necessarily required to draft a contract. However, a lawyer can help you by drafting a contract with careful wording, one that minimises the risk of contract breaches by ensuring each party is aware of its rights and responsibilities. An ambiguous contract can be open to several interpretations and the consequences can potentially be disastrous.

Contract law is a complex area of law, and you should protect your interests with a well-drafted contract. Call Blaze Business & Legal for a free and confidential consultation about your contract matter.

What is the difference between a contract and an agreement?

An agreement is an arrangement or understanding reached between parties where there is no intention to be legally bound.

A contract is a specific agreement that has elements that make it legally binding and enforceable by a court. There is an intention, either express or implied, to be legally bound. The essential elements of a contract are:

  • offer and acceptance — an offer is made by one party and accepted by the other party;
  • consideration — something of value is exchanged for a promise;
  • intention — the parties must intend to make a legally binding agreement; and
  • capacity — the parties must be capable of entering into the contract.

Why should a lawyer review your contract?

A contract lawyer should review your contract because the document is the key to your business success.

It is vital that your interests are protected and that each party to the contract has clarity about their rights and responsibilities.

There can be serious legal consequences for a party that fails to keep its promise.

Is a verbal contract valid?

Contrary to popular belief, a contract does not need to be in writing — it can be verbal.

A verbal contract will be valid if it can be established that it has all the essential elements of a contract:

  • offer and acceptance — an offer is made by one party and accepted by the other party;
  • consideration — something of value is exchanged for a promise;
  • intention — the parties must intend to make a legally binding agreement; and
  • capacity — the parties must be capable of entering into the contract.

It can be difficult to prove that a verbal contract exists and what its agreed terms are.

Verbal contracts should be avoided. If a verbal contract is made, the terms should be confirmed in writing in case they need to be enforced.

When can a contract not be legally enforced?

A contract may be unenforceable for reasons such as:

  • it violates public policy, for example a contract to sell illegal drugs;
  • it involved duress or undue influence;
  • a party did not have capacity to enter the contract, for example the person was a child or had a mental impairment;
  • one party or both made an honest mistake;
  • it is unfair due to unconscionability, for example there was no room for one party to negotiate; or
  • one party used a misrepresentation or false statement to induce the other to enter the contract.

If you’re involved in a contract dispute, it is recommended that you seek legal advice. You can do so by calling Gibbs Wright Litigation Lawyers for a free, no-obligation consultation about your legal rights and options.

1. What is a Contract Lawyer?

A Contract Lawyer is a professional legal adviser who provides advice to clients in relation to planning, drafting, reviewing, negotiating, executing and managing their contracts, as well as resolving contract disputes. Rachelle Hare is an experienced Contract Lawyer with over 23 years of providing daily advice to clients in business and government about their contracts and contractual issues.

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About the Author

Rachelle Hare

Rachelle Hare - Managing Director and Principal Practitioner of Blaze Business & Legal

Rachelle Hare

Rachelle Hare is a highly experienced Construction Lawyer and Contract Lawyer, with over 23 years of experience in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Construction Firms, Top Tier Private Practice and Government.

With 23+ years of experience as a Senior Lawyer, Strategic Contracting Adviser and Management Consultant in Construction Law, Contracts, Major Projects, Commercial Advisory, Compliance, Procurement, Contract Management and Risk Management, Rachelle has the rare skills to offer you seamless business advice and legal advice to help support your organisation.

As well as a Lawyer and Business Adviser, Rachelle has also acted as a Strategic Procurement Adviser, Compliance Manager, Strategic Risk Adviser and Commercial Manager.

Rachelle owns
Blaze Business & Legal, a combined Commercial Law Firm and Business Advisory Firm located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Blaze Business & Legal assists a broad range of clients in the Construction Industry and related industries, and advises owners, contractors, subcontractors, NFPs and other organisations on a broad range of Construction Law, Commercial Law, Business Advisory and Management Consulting issues in Brisbane, Queensland and around Australia.

Rachelle also owns Blaze Professional Learning, where she offers practical contracting skills, hands-on experience in drafting and working with contracts, and industry insights to help Professionals upskill and advance their careers with real-world skills.

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