Our SME Services

SME Support Services

SME Business Advisory Services

We provide SME Advisory Services and help SMEs:

  1. develop a strategic plan that aligns with their business goals and objectives, ensuring the company is moving in the right direction.
  2. understand their financial performance by conducting financial analysis and providing recommendations for improvement.
  3. stay competitive by conducting market research to identify trends, opportunities, and threats in their industry.
  4. monitor their performance against their strategic plan, making adjustments as necessary to keep the business on track.
  5. identify and capitalise on new business opportunities to drive growth and profitability.
  6. improve their business operations and processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  7. manage their resources effectively to maximise their return on investment.
  8. develop and implement effective marketing strategies to increase their market share and customer base.
  9. prepare for potential risks and develop contingency plans to mitigate them.
  10. make informed decisions by providing them with SME consulting services and accurate and timely business intelligence.

SME Legal Services

We help SMEs:

  1. establish the right legal structure for their business to minimise risk and limit liability.
  2. put in place Shareholders Agreements, Partnership Agreements and Directors Agreements to govern relationships between Directors and Shareholders.
  3. by reviewing and drafting contracts to ensure they are legally sound and protect their interests.
  4. ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, helping to avoid legal issues down the line.
  5. resolve business disputes through negotiation or mediation.
  6. develop a Contracting Strategy.
  7. navigate complex business transactions, to ensure their legal interests are protected.
  8. understand and manage their legal risks to prevent potential legal disputes.
  9. develop and implement effective policies and procedures to ensure compliance with relevant laws.
  10. negotiate and draft commercial leases and other real estate agreements.

SME Management Consulting

We help SMEs: 

  1. improve their operational efficiency by identifying areas of waste or inefficiency and recommending changes.
  2. manage change, whether it's implementing a new technology, restructuring the organisation, or changing business processes.
  3. develop and implement strategies to improve their performance and competitiveness.
  4. identify and address organisational challenges that may be hindering their growth and success.
  5. streamline their processes and systems to improve productivity and efficiency.
  6. implement new technologies and systems to improve their operations and customer service.
  7. develop and manage their budgets to ensure financial stability and growth.
  8. identify and develop their unique value proposition to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  9. develop and implement effective human resources strategies (including KPIs) to attract, retain, and develop talent.
  10. measure and improve their customer satisfaction to increase customer loyalty and repeat business.

SME Growth Services

Here are some of the SME Growth Services we provide: 

  1. Strategic Planning: Crafting a comprehensive strategic plan that aligns with the SME's vision and objectives, setting a clear path for growth.
  2. Financial Management: Conducting thorough financial assessments to understand the SME's financial health and identify areas for improvement, fostering financial stability and growth.
  3. Market Analysis: Performing in-depth market research to stay abreast of industry trends, identify opportunities, and anticipate threats, keeping the SME competitive.
  4. Operational Efficiency: Streamlining operations and processes to eliminate waste and inefficiencies, enhancing productivity and profitability.
  5. Legal Structure and Compliance: Establishing an appropriate legal structure for the SME and ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations to mitigate risk and avoid legal complications.
  6. Resource Optimization: Managing resources effectively to maximize returns, ensuring that every investment contributes to growth.
  7. Innovation and Technology: Embracing new technologies and innovative practices to improve operations, customer service, and overall business performance.
  8. Marketing and Branding: Developing and implementing robust marketing strategies to expand market share, attract new customers, and strengthen the SME's brand.
  9. SME Human Resources Services: Implementing effective human resources strategies to attract, retain, and develop staff, building a team that can drive the SME's growth.
  10. Customer Satisfaction: Prioritizing customer satisfaction to build loyalty, encourage repeat business, and enhance the SME's reputation in the market.

Small Business IT Support Services (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, etc)

We're not an IT Support Services company, but we do project manage the implementation of IT Support Services. Rachelle Hare is a skilled SEO, Project Manager, Business Adviser and Commercial Lawyer, and together with Shannon Drew (who is a skilled Business Adviser, Management Accountant and Project Manager), she is able to provide full-services from Blaze Business & Legal to help her clients.

Need a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)? Want to implement Lead Generation and put in place processes and systems to manage your database? Want to install and train a chatbot and optimise your Website? It's all about helping you solve problems in your business.

Even in areas where the Blaze Business & Legal team doesn't normally work, Rachelle can place you in touch with skilled professionals and manage their work to take some of the stress off you.

What will our SMEs Services look like? 

It's hard to say, because our Services will change depending on your needs, the needs of your business, and how you would like us to approach our task(s). We're always driven by you.

Our Services for SMEs will address your immediate business needs, while helping you work towards structuring your SME in the best way possible to allow it to grow

As a general guideline:

1. Initial Discovery Call

We'll have an initial chat with you to discuss the challenges you are having and how we can best help you

This is where you'll decide whether you want to work with us (of course, because we're awesome, right!)

2. Longer Strategy Session

We may schedule a longer Strategy Session if needed. This may include chatting with you, your General Manager, your leadership team, and your staff

We will quote our fees for this Strategy Session beforehand so there are no surprises. You're very welcome to ask us to increase our fees because we've provided too much value

3. Defining the Scope of our Services and Providing our Quotation

We will work with you to define the scope of our Services and a rough timeframe. Recommendations will inevitably be made

Once agreed, we will provide our Quotation for our Services based on the agreed scope

We believe in being clear and upfront with our fees, and we are always willing to discuss. If you have a defined budget, tell us and we will see what we can do to work within it

If any scope of part of our Services is unclear (eg if another Deliverable that requires your input has to be completed first), we will work to clarify that scope with you then provide a Quotation for the newly-defined part of the Services down the track

Once you agree the Quotation - which we know you will, because, awesome! - we will get cracking with providing the Services

4. Providing the Services

There will be a lot of speaking, much brainstorming, a lot of writing, heaps of thinking, some numbers being crunched, pictures drawn, rearrangements made, brilliant brainwaves, speaking with staff, banging heads together if needed, reassurance, tough words, support offered, advice given, reports written, smiles offered...

You'll get to see our different hats, and watch as Rachelle turns from an awesome Senior Lawyer into a pretty cool Management Consultant and Business Adviser. And Shannon will go from number-crunching to talking business strategy with you in an instant , all with a dash of style

We work with you at all times - this is your business, and we provide advice which you can take or not take as you see fit. Don't worry about offending us!

5. Evaluating the new state of play

We will walk you through what we have done, what needs to be done by you going forward, and we make sure you are happy with where things are at and the changes we have implemented in your business

This is where you can tell us how awesome we are, so we can get our daily dose of compliments!

6. Staying in touch

We prefer not to ride into the sunset and never be seen again! We want to build a long-term relationship with you. If something goes wrong, or if there is a hiccup in your business, call us and we'll help you sort it out.

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